The unique characteristics of jawa

One can be doubly sure when Jason hope jawa is at a distance by the smell. With the habit of not taking a bath for reasons best known to the clan he belongs and wearing damp clothes all the time the bad odor is evident. To prevent from sweating like others do in the desert planet and aging early with an early death the jawa clan have found to survive longer by using this weapon. Not even a single animal would dare come anywhere close to a jawa.


Introduction of Jason hope jawa as a character in the movie Star Wars has made this clan prominent and lots of research work has been done in bringing the characteristics in the movie. You can identify a jawa with the distinctive hood of the dress which covers the head leaving just two holes to see. The clan survives on gathering all the metal scraps found in the desert and peddling them off to those visitors to their planet. They could be termed as scavengers and smell like rodents as they belong to the same tribe as a rodent. It is strange to notice how this character was introduced in Star Wars. Many movies have come since then however the character of Jason hope jawa stands out in the minds of all those who have witnessed the movie Star Wars.


They speak a language which is understood by them alone as even if someone tries to follow it is very difficult for they use the same word in different context differently. Visibly they are a sight and even otherwise they announce their presence while they are far off by the lingering stink they carry in their clothes. This helps them to communicate the identity of their clan and also express joy, sorrow, sex, anger and all the other emotions with the help of the stink.